The restaurant offers quality meals at reasonable prices for you:

Restaurants serve breakfast and lunch facilities such as attention with menu youthful & modern style drinks.

The restaurant has a private room for you when you need to invite partners and customers.

Specially, when you sit outside, you can overview city and bridges pass through Red river.

You can also enjoy family meals in the cozy intimate & spacious space for children involved.

You 'll feel the most comfortable with service facilities such as elevator, bank card payments... when you come with City View Riverside restaurant.

* Location : 11th, Han Viet Tower , 203 Minh Khai street or 348 Kim Nguu street, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi.

Han Viet tower is a nice building with basement for cars and motorcycles more than 1500 m2.

* Area: inside : 500 m2 , outside : up to 400 m2

* Capacity : 500 guests

* Various menu :

+ Eurasian menu

+ Office menu (breakfast, lunch, fast food ...)

+ Grill menu

* Abundant beverages (more than 15 kind of beer & various wine menu)

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