AFF Cup draw to be held in Thailand
According to the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF), the draw for the AFF Cup will take place on July 11 in Bangkok.

Six teams will enter the final round of AFF Cup, without having to compete in the qualifiers, including: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.
The five teams will play in the qualifier round, on October 5-13, consisting of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor and Brunei. Laos and Myanmar are the strongest teams among them.
AFF Cup will take place in Malaysia and Thailand from November 24. The four top teams of two groups will play in the semi-finals, with one game in the home stadium and one game in the guest stadium. The finals will be in the same form.

The Vietnam national team will convene right after the V-League finishes in late August. At that time, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) will name the official chief coach. The national team is temporarily led by coach Phan Thanh Hung of Hanoi T&T FC.