Located in the center of Hanoi City, you will find the Phuong Anh  restaurant with its’ modern

architecture and well-trained staffs that will turn any moment with your family and friends

into a relaxing one.

At the restaurant, you're not only enjoy many kind of famous beer trademark on the world,

but also you will be guided through the entire beer production line, which was established according

to famous traditional technology, carried out by the enthusiastic staffs of the restaurant.

In addition to the tasty fresh beer, you can also have the pleasure of enjoying most every acttract dish

of Viet Nam all cooked by experienced chefs. We are certain that the dishes will satisfy anyone’s tastes.  

The warm and inviting atmosphere and the professional staff at the Phuong Anh beer will bring you

comfort and enjoyment to every visit.  .

Coming to Phuong Anh beer means that you are coming to a beer enjoyment style that

bring Hanoians style !

Address : 109 E6 Quynh Mai street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi city.

Open time : From 9 a.m to 10 p.m

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