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Artisan Mid-Autumn finally made toys

Hanoi center about 15 miles, the last artisans in the village of Hau Ai still hard, meticulous paste the once war mid-autumn light he stars every occasion.

Located center Ha Noi about 15 km, the annual Mid-Autumn every occasion, family artisans Nguyen Thi Hau village route Ai (Van Canh commune, Hoai Duc) busy preparing toys. Both the living room, home laden with toys as his star lights, Ph.D. paper, he rated sticks in white ...
A former village known for making toys mid-autumn, but the Queen love only only route is the only one left the profession. China toy collection of her favorite customers because they are always improvements in design to lively and attractive structures still have to keep the old way. In addition to the traditional lamps creative, she also add new lights, deer, fish, shrimp ...
Just always hands, she has to tell about the area of ​​the toy: "Lights rabbit is based on the story Jade Rabbit saved you the night of the full moon in August"; "His light is both a symbol of gold stars wings on the national flag, has expressed the desire for peace of the Vietnamese people. " According to her service, to have a lamp he did stick to the old ways have to go through many stages, from cork choose to cut and paste. Nan used as his star light must be split bamboo glutinous cake, burning long, flexible to bend. Choosing cork, must be cut into sections and then soaked in lime water for anti-termite ...
She is drawing on him route break after calcined clay and colored. Simple tools, simple job but requires meticulous and patience workers.
Each action or arrangement, even the small subtle show of the artist.
He rated sticks in white toy at that. When combining the two he hit his stick with a doctorate will be a complete set represents the "objective" and "soldiers".
Even a toy for children but doctorate paper is divided into "levels". To be known as the "stethoscope" the young are called "Doctor"; "he" dressed in red will have a higher title he wore green. Toy expressed the desire for their children will do well, and set high.
Is the third in traditional family life, income is not significant, but the artist said, seeing the joy and eagerness to learn the meaning of each of the kids toys did you have to add motivation to pursue a career.
Her second grandchild Games are played beside his lamp star husband have children preparing for the Lunar New Year. For years, she was the Museum of Ethnology order and offer guidance for children to the traditional toys. "Perhaps due to lack of guidance, parents not told of the area, the meaning attached toys that children new toy turned to China, foreign toys. Many of the children I show how to make the lights he stars very interested in your item as a ", she confided route.